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Carol Kurth Product Designer
Carol Kurth has a passion for handcrafted design and luxurious living. She designs custom made product including furniture, rugs, lighting, hardware, textiles and accessories. Fusing an Architect’s eye with a flare for design, Carol brings a unique and modern sensibility to the home furnishings industry. Each Carol Kurth design is architecturally inspired, celebrating immaculate detailing and rich palettes across color and texture.

Its inaugural furniture collection, Urban Edge, draws inspiration from the urban backdrop of New York City. Modern silhouettes with graphic lines are instantly recognizable and feature rich textures and tactile detailing illustrating that the process of design is as important to the piece as is the usability and functionality. Industrial materials such as metal and steel are contrasted with luxurious materials of stone, glass and wood, crossing the boundaries of design. Each piece in the collection is intended to work on its own or layered with other styles to create a modern minimalist mood no matter the setting.

Additionally, the company offers architecture and interior design services at its award-winning firms, Carol Kurth Architecture + Carol Kurth Interiors.